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Exibition and fair events

Republic of Tatarstan is rich in interesting and standout exhibitions, large-scale fairs, colorful festivals, international business events with participation of a big number of foreign speakers and visitors. You can vizit traditional events such as:

— Tatar Jiri (Tatar Song) — International Song Festival;
— Sabantui — Tatar summer festival, that dates back to the Volga Bulgarian epoch. At first Sabantuy was a festival of farmers in rural areas, but it later became a national holiday and now is widely celebrated in the cities;
— Kazan International Festival of Muslim Cinema;
— International Theatre Festival of Turks peoples «Nowruz»

And a lot of another interesting events are waiting for you. We are confident that participation in exhibitions and fairs will let you reach the goals set, sign new lucrative contracts, enlarge business partnership, find investors and partners.

MediTravel offers you guidance and consultancy service in the fairs that you will attend both at home and in the foreign countries through its experience, work discipline and ability of using different perspectives.

MediTravel prepares projects including the solutions that will meet all your needs from the selection of the most suitable sectoral fairs, applications and organization to stand installation, design, printed material, host-hostess services and PR works.

MediTravel provides professional matching service to enable you to conduct bilateral (B2B) meetings with the suitably scaled purchase companies via its local business partners.

MediTravel provides you with high quality and secure service directly or via its local partners in such areas as transport, accommodation, visa, transfer and translation which are essential for your fair participation or visit.

Kazan Pyramide is one of exclusive places for events and entertainments in Kazan Tatarstan.

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