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If you want to explore a new places, make a voyage through the heart of it. A river cruise appears to be the most comfortable and safe way of such trip. And river cruise gives you a unique opportunity to get acquainted with this country. Sailing smoothly and peacefully you admire changing scenery along the banks, fresh breeze on the open air decks and unforgettable sunsets over the river.

Motor ship usually docks in the centre of town, just steps from museums, markets, cafes and other places of interest, so you can take a guided tour or walk off to sample local daily life. Your vacation’s price remains constant as it includes full board meals, onboard entertainment program and interesting sightseeing excursions in ports of call.
Since river vessels are mid-size and accommodate about 150-200 passengers, there are no crowds inside and no long queues to board or disembark. Every country has its national river and Russia has the Volga — the longest river in Europe, the Queen of rivers.

The best way to experience the Volga is from the decks of our Russian river cruise ships during the summer months. Like Russian trains, Volga journeys take anywhere from 2 hours to 3 days. Cruises in Russia and holidays on the Volga River are the experiences of a lifetime. This enchanting river will introduce you to Russian culture, open you to natural beauty, and give you a charge of relaxation. The Volga cruises include voyages to the most popular touristic cities of Tatarstan, such as Bolghar, Sviyazhsk Island, Yelabuga and other Russian cities.

Tatarstan rivers have their own unique position, where you can not only enjoy the landscape and swimming but combine the useful with the pleasant, for instance, go fishing with your friends and colleagues. The confluence of the Kama, Mesha and Volga rivers is one of the most favourite places of Tatarstanfishermen and guests from various Russian cities. Big fish strike is guaranteed!

Come discover the soul of Russia!

River cruises have so many advantages and only one drawback – they come to an end very quickly. When you return from the cruise you spend a lot of time showing wonderful pictures and sharing bright memories with your relatives and friends. And then… you start planning a new cruise!

Ride on The Longest River in Europe by MediTravel. Enjoy!