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In the general zone of hospitality next to the stadium you will spend pleasant time with your customers, partners and friends. There is a buffet and a bar with the best drinks. After that you will be able to observe the vicissitudes of the match, sitting on the ground of the 1st category and experiencing all the exciting moments of the game together with other fans.

The main advantages of the package:
The best places on the rostrum of the 1st category
Zone of general hospitality in the indoor pavilion in the stadium’s protected area
Buffet before and after the match, cooked in accordance with the highest standards MATCH Hospitality *
Elite drinks in the bar before and after the match
Memorable gift
Reception of guests by professional hosts
Parking space **
Package MATCH Pavilion can be purchased for the following series of matches: «My Stadium», «Final» and «My Team»

* Service under the Hospitality Program starts 3 hours before the match and ends 1 hour after the end of the match. The exception is the Opening Match and the Final, where the service starts 4 hours before the match and ends 1 hour after it ends. Subject to change.

** Parking passes are available upon request and distributed according to the following scheme: 1 (one) parking lot for a car for a match for every 4 (four) hospitality packages purchased for a match, or 1 (one) parking place for a bus on a A match for every 40 (forty) Hospitality packages purchased for any match.